Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today you would have been 52. You were a blessing in my life no matter what other's may think. I am sorry your life was so rough but I know you wanted us girls. I am a better mom today because of all you taught me. Somedays I wish things could have been different. I often question why you were taken from us too soon. As I have often said Karma is a witch and you know they will get theirs. I am in disbelief that your husband remarried so soon but we should have known when he jumped right in on you too.

I know a lot of the frusturations you expelled on us were from the frusturation in your marriage to my father. I am glad because of all the pain you caused me I now spare my children that same pain. I know the sorry's will not replace the bruises so I hold my wrath and use my words and then spank once on the bottom.

Your grandchildren ask for you daily. I feel sad that I can just give them storie's. I know you are watching them as sometimes I feel your presence here in the home and I swear I hear your sobbing. I miss you mom. In the end you were the mother I always wanted. I think it was because you finally found your happiness with your husband. He was the man my father could never be. Thank you for loving Big Ro. He would make you proud. We smile when we talk about you and wish you would have accepted the offer of moving here and taking care of Roana. But I know you were grown and love fed you.

Life is so short mom. I wish we could have realized. Now I only have my pictures and memories. I know the pain you went through and I forgive you. I pray while you dance in the heavens with angels. You take a break and look down at my little family and know on this day we wish we could celebrate with you too. I love you mom. Thanks for giving me life and thanks for all your lessons. I see the butterflies and smile I will think of you always. Fly sweet angel and know you are missed.

Friends hold on to your loved ones. You never know when your good-bye will be the last. The little arguments do not matter. Its the big picture. Your parents do love you. They gave you life. Please hug your parents tight. You cannot understand how much I would love to hold mine one last time.

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Gina said...

She was a wonderful person. I know it must feel good to know that she IS watching over your little family, she sees what a good job you are doing. You have a guardian angel now. I just can't imagine going through that. I know how much that I love my mom. She is my whole life. I love her more than anything. You just have to keep going, knowing that she is with you at all times.