Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Best Fourth of July Ever

We went to Denver like I mentioned and did not expect it to be very good. Sometimes we argue or sometimes they argue but to my surprise we all got along. My sister in law and I stopped at Sam's Club, we bought bratwurst, chips and some sodas. Then next door was the liquor store. What is the fourth of July without a little alcohol? I bought some bud light with lime and we headed home. I stuck the brats to boil and they were delicous. My sister in law and I had a great time. We laughed and teased our husbands. Then we got a big box of poppers and threw them by the handfuls on the ground. We wanted fireworks. The boys said no. We called them boring and went to the stand anyway.

We ended up getting 60 worth of fireworks for 20. First round was a blast. Ro-N screamed and Roana hyperventilated. We needed more. So off for round two. This time the lady was great. She gave us 80 worth for 20. The next day we had to come back. I hope all our fourths are half this good.

We had a blast but it is not a fourth I will forget for awhile.

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Heather said...

Looks like a great time. I dont think I have ever let off fireworks, they are always illegal where we live. So you let some off for us too, lol! Happy 4th!


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Happy that you had a day that you wont forget!!!