Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am fuming right now

The dog jerked out of the leash and cut my leg. The baby was screaming and people stared at me like I am psycho and I am on the verge of tears.

We are going to vegas. I was so happy as I thought I would get to meet a good friend of mine. Well hubby said No. He said we are going to be too busy with family to meet them. I hope she forgives me and that next time I go we are still welcome. I am sorry Angy.

Then I am exhausted. Last night I stayed up looking for the gps. Well I found it thank goodness. Under the counter where it should not have been. I was crying and freaking out. Thank goodness my mother in law knows how it feels to be a woman. LOL I lose almost everything. I am terrible with things. Hopefully I can improve.

My sister in law is doing good right now and the whole situation puts Big Ro in a bad mood. I hope it is just his time of the month or I am screwed. Also we got news today that ones of his coworkers husband passed away. My heart is breaking for her and I wanted to send her an email but Ro said it would be better if I did not. What is this world coming too? Oh well just a low day on this roller coaster. Hope everyone else is having a semigood day.

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Heather said...

Sorry you wont met angy. i hope to when we go in Oct. Im sure you can next time.
ry about the injuries and dog, you really need a good weekend away now!! hang in there till vegas!!