Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The End...well to some things at least

So Rogelio busted his knee again playing last week so no more kickball for rest of the season. Hopefully next year. I am sad as I enjoyed having this day to get out and cheer my man on but cest le vi. He is sad too but its not fair to him or the team to sit out and take up valuable bench space.

My mother in law is with us for the next two weeks. It is really nice to hang with her and have her help. I miss the days when we lived together every day. I am weird I guess. I get along with my mother in law. I always dreaded having one and now I dread the day I am without her.

My sister in law is gone. She moved to Mexico this weekend. We said our goodbyes this Saturday and my heart hurts. I am strong for her because she is so positive but I am going to miss my beautiful nephews so much. I regret fighting with her over the stupid stuff. I hope she finds what she is looking for. I wont talk much about that cause my heart hurts.

Rogelio and I had a semi date tonight. We went and grabbed taco's. It was very nice to chat instead of screaming No Ro every couple of seconds or dropping our food to chase him out the door. We are going to try to have a regular date this next couple of weeks but time will tell if that happens. We need adult time to bond. We are very lucky to have each other. Life is OK here in our little home. Just a little down right now. But I know as long as we stick together. I gotta go Roana just socked Lil Ro and I see blood. The joys of parenting.

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Heather said...

All you need is each other, i love all this time you two are having. Congrats!