Thursday, July 24, 2008

What a crazy day!

I was awoken at 5 am this morning by my chihuhua crying. I went to check on her and she was very uncomfortable. Rex had urinated on her. Dang it dog. I sat on the couch and watched Jon & Kate plus 8 for the next hour then laid back down.

I remember Rogelio waking me up to say goodbye. I kissed him and nodded off into dreamland.The phone rang..."Do you have your keys?" Excuse me? Do you have your keys leave them on the table and unlock the door ok? I will explain later. Too tired to question him I did as requested.

A couple hours during lunch he explained to me That somehow he had locked his keys in the car and it was running. I do not know how you cannot know but he is on strick watching now. LoL

From there I decided to take Rogelito out to play.As we were playing on the slide the thunder rolled and sheets of rain came down with no warning. I ran frantically to our apartment telling lil Ro we will go to the park tomorrow. He cried and cried until I gave him a sippy of milk then all was well.

Tonight I got a note that the management will be entering our apartment tomorrow. So I cleaned out my daughters closet and passed the toys out to kids outside. They were so happy and I felt so nice giving out underappreciated toys. I am making a rule for roana when she gets home. For every toy she gets. 2 must find new homes. I have to keep them under control. I kid you not I gave away 4 big boxes of toys.

I talked to Roana right now. She is very happy in California. Right now Lil Ro is jumping on my bed and big Ro is settling down into sleep. I think I will join him. Only 22 days till my big baby is home.

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Heather said...

Great job on the give away toy idea. We do it every 6 months, lol!