Monday, July 21, 2008

I eloped! Just Joking..... Vegas. It was a trip.....Really.

Shortly after I posted the previous post we finished packing the car and left for Vegas. I fell asleep in the car and woke up in beautiful Silverthorne, CO. I walked into 7-11 and bought a pack of gum. I went back to the car and we headed up the mountains. Colorado is so gorgeous. I love seeing it all. I love the cold mountain air and the purple mountains. When I am there life is good.

We drove into Utah and I really do not care for that state. It reminds me of a prettier Kansas. LMAO. So all is well we were making great time the next thing I know Roana is screaming her head off. I look over to the side and Lil Ro is throwing up the water he just drank. He was very very car sick. Big Ro had no idea what to do. He panicked too. He clutched to gas and went up to 90 miles so we could get to a gas station. All of the sudden there are flashing red and blue lights as we get off the ramp. Please pull to the side of the road is played over and over. We are pulled over. The officer steps out of his car and my heart drops.

As Lil Ro keeps vomiting and Roana is screaming I am pratically in tears. The officer asks for registration and insurance. So it is done. The ticket is 82.00 as he just wanted to warn us. I watched the spedometer until we got to Arizonia.

Finally Arizonia. I was so happy to get here. We are almost to Vegas now. There are wall to wall cars. We are still 70 miles outside of Vegas. There is no way this is Strip traffic. I turn up the radio and listen to my mother in law jabber on. After 45 minutes in 107 with the air barely working we got thru the accident that spilled oil on the ground. I really hoped this was not an indicator of our whole trip.

Finally over the hills I saw it. I saw stratosphere. The kids and I cheered and were so ready for a break. Rogelio wanted to eat but all I could think of was a cold shower and my room. I checked into the hotel Circus Circus and I was ready for a break.

After checking into the room. I ran to the car. Rogelio was standing at the garage and calling my name. He said he was terrified I was hit by a car or something. He was writing a new song for me called Muelle de Las Vegas like the song En El Muelle de San Blas. For rest of the trip he appreciated me and realized fighting is stupid.

Finally settled somewhat we finally got hungry. I was starving the last thing we ate was Wendy's. What can we eat that we have not had in 6 months? In-N-Out burgers! I know I know not the healthiest food but a double double animal style really hits the spot. Plus the fries are heaven and drinks well you get the point.

Lil Ro then decided mommy did not want her drink anymore so I had no choice. He turned it over on the table and I could only look in horror as I tried not to make a scene. The whole resturaunt looked at me and Big Ro told me "Next time just advertise it please." I could have cried. I grabbed a worker and she mopped the floor as I went in to bathroom and wiped away my embarrassed tears.

Thank goodness the night was over.

The following day I woke up. My sister in law had arrived from California. I was delighted when I ran down to her car and she proudly presented me my bierocks & mexican conchas. I was so happy. We were all famished so we chose to go to Denny's. I just had biscuits and gravy with some applesauce and big ro had a grand slam breakfast and Roana ate some alien pancakes. Breakfast was very good.

We all returned to our hotel and went to the room. From there my oldest nephew went down to circus circus main casino to play. Rogelio and I went with the younger nephew and our kids to the adventuredome. Rogelio and Roana went on the spongebob ride and my nephew, Lil Ro and I went and played midway games. It was so much fun. Seeing Lil Ro oh and awe over the roller coaster flying over his head.

We finally hit the time to part our ways. Before they left they asked me a big favor. They were taking my mother in law home but they also took my daughter. So now Roana is in California until the begining of August. I miss her alot right now. Crazy when they are around you want nothing to do with them when they are gone you just want them.

We went to the burger joint again for dinner. We only go a couple times a year and honestly the burgers here in Colorado do nothing for me since I had them. We then drove the stip and made a 10 minute video. I have not yet uploaded it to my website for you guys sorry. I am still physically drained.

Sunday morning we left Fabulous Las Vegas. We love the people we met. They were so friendly and interested in our life. We are definately planning to come back March or May of Next year. Anyone wanna meet up for a wedding? I would like to renew our vows there.

Our trip home went well. I am still amazed at how much empty space this country possesses. I see so much beauty and potential. I see a future in this land and promises. At one rest stop in Colorado we came down to the White Water River Colorado. The water was so clear and fresh and that I wanted to feel it between my toes like everyone else. Lil Ro and I took off our sandals and walked through the water for a while. I am now part of nature like my ancestors. It was majestic and Ideally someday I would love to play with my kids in it longer. We made it home. We had a great time and we had lots of realizations too. I hope everyone enjoys these slideshow I made to show them all 100 + pictures.

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Las Vegas

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Anonymous said...

I think I misread... are you getting married in Vegas next year??

My3Ro's said...

No no marriage for sure in vegas next year, I would love to renew our vows there. I think it would be nice. We have been married now for 9 years and I want to renew them. Sorry for the confusion.

Adrians Mama said...

awww looks sooo fun!! i wanna go!!!!!!!!!