Sunday, August 31, 2008

A day at the park...and a buffet

We woke up kind of late this morning but I was dying to get out and spend some time with my beautiful kids. I wanted to go to Deerfield Spray grounds but I had no clue where they were located. We headed out for lunch. We went over to our favorite Chinese Buffet called Empire. I was so proud of little man until almost the end. I got to eat all my food and we were going to the Mongolian bar. Lil Ro got very excited watching the man cook our food and screamed loudly Wow. I hear some lady scream "Shut that kid up!" I about lost it. For one the kid had behaved before that. But you know what it is OK. I hope she sees she was wrong.

Afterwards Big Ro and I headed to a park called America The Beautiful Park. I has a beautiful sculpture that the kids can wade in. I loved the time the kids had and I hope we can return next year with even better pics. Time will tell. I will let the pics tell my story.

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Crystal said...

I seem to be getting mixed up with the posts. The post I just made about Roana's beautiful colorful dress should be above this one.

It looks like they had SUPER fun in this water! It has been 96 degrees out here and humid. I love how the water is falling down that step. It looks SO fun. I'm glad you all had a great day.


Heather said...

So happy to see the four of you all out together again!