Monday, August 18, 2008

Ro-N has been tagged

Lil Ro has been tagged by Anelys. We have to provide seven facts about the individual child. I in return have to tag 7 fellow bloggers. I will notify you by comments also. Here are my facts about my diablito. Here we go.

1. Lil Ro is my wild child. I can turn my back for a second and he will have a chair by the counter and be hanging off the refridgerator.

2. Lil Ro has not had an official haircut since birth. I have trimmed it just a little but most of his hair is still baby hair. I think he likes it this way.

3. Lil Ro is a daredevil. He is very inquisitive and finds a way to get in mischief. He does not cry when he finds himself stuck or confused but instead tries to troubleshoot the problem

4. Lil Ro is a natural athlete. This child loves football, soccer and baseball and at the age of 2 understands how each game is different. He is going to be an all star.

5. Lil Ro loves food. He will eat anything and everything. He loves spicy, he loves sweet and he loves sour. The woman he marries will be very lucky.

6.Lil Ro has never had a professional picture. I love the way pictures look from a parents point of view and I capture his innocence much easier then anyone else.

7. Lil Ro loves food but does not know how to behave in a resturaunt. You take him outside and he plays but put him in a highchair and he melts down. He is wild.

I in turn tag the following children.

1. Cameron ( Crystal's son)
2. Mackenzie (Gina's daughter)
3. Thais (Heather's daughter)
4. Olivia (elsuenoamericano's daughter)
5. Jordan (Lisa's son)
6. Adrian (Meaghan's son)
7. Keegan (Brenda's son)

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Crystal said...

Imagine my suprise when I saw that I had been tagged! Yah! I just hope I can find 7 people to tag back. I don't venture out in blogging much. lol

Thank you for the sweet comments. Roana & Ro-N are so adorable. I love your parenting style. Your blog is one of the very few that I visit daily. Sometimes 3-4 times a day. Your family is very fun, nice, happy and seem to be the perfect little family! I can't wait to get to know you more too!


Heather said...

i will try to do this next week. very busy this week.

Heather said...

OK did it, thanks! Told you it would be a few days, lol!