Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pinche Nino!

For a change I am not talking about my ds. I apologize for my rough words but I am very ticked off right now. I was having a great day. I was walking Lil Ro and the dogs and when I entered a hallway a punk was at the bottom of the stairs. I heard him exclaim "hola Gorda"(translates to Hi Fattie) ok ignore it. But he says it again and starts laughing. I storm down the stairs and scream at him. Ok estupido nino callase su boca. Entiendo todo que dice y si no te calles yo voy a habla con su papa o mejor mi esposa regresa a hablate. "Ok stupid kid shut your mouth. I understand everything you say and if you dont shut up I will talk to your dad or better yet my husband will return to talk to you." I took the dogs upstairs and heard him say "Que gorda" So not worth my energy I ignored him but said "me oyes!"

WTH is up with kids now days? When I was his age approximately 13-16 I would have not dreamed of talking to my elder like this. I learned we respect all of our elders equal. I am tired of this punks around her thinking cause I am gringa I do not understand their insults. I swear when I find out where they live I am going to tell their parents...I hate to say this but I do not think the parents care obviously as this child was taking along his younger brothers and we all know they follow by example. All I can do is lead my children on the right path and ignore them But I swear I will not put up with disrespect either. Any ideas from you guys who have dealt with kids this age? I swear if my son speaks that way to an older woman like that I will sock him in front of her. Or embarass the hell out of him. Time will tell and I pray he learns to be better.

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Gina said...

Don't let him get you down. I would still try to find his parents and let them know. If they act like they don't care then let them know that you will be contacting the landlord letting them know about their son is causing problems and you will not tolerate it.
Next time.. call the police. Let them know that you are being harassed by a teen. You shouldn't have to be harassed near your own home.

Anonymous said...

WTH?! I would have been so angry I would have probably tried to strangle the little bastard. I agree - if he keeps bothering you tell him you are calling the cops!! That is unacceptable.