Monday, August 4, 2008

I want my daughter

I have been without Roana now for two weeks and I am missing her like crazy. She even called me tonight and told me goodnight. I am sad that once I get her home I have to pass her back to her teachers. Why does time fly so fast? I miss hugging my daughter. Rogelito broke my heart he looked at the phone and said Nana? Then he took the phone and babbled to her for about 10 minutes. My little man misses his sister too.

She is having a great time right now. I have no pics of her. I hear she looks even more mexican now that she is playing in the sun. She is going down to the Rio and we are planning our trip to Utah in a week and half. I cannot wait to see my baby. Next Tuesday I am going to the school and meeting her teacher. I will turn in the supplies on that Monday when she goes to school. My baby is going to be a second grader. Only 10 years until graduation. No way no how. Time just flies I tell you.

Nothing big happened today. We visited our friend at the taco shop and mother in law had a little health scare but nothing big. Things are still looking up. I just miss my daughter right now.

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Momto3LittleFlowers said...

(((((HUGS)))) to you... I finally catch up and Im sorry for the sad things, and happy for the good things... Sorry abuot your friend... It is devastating... I read the news too... Sorry about the scare you had too, and sorry because Roana is still gone...

More ((((HUGS))) to you!

Lisa (LGMB) said...

Awwwe, the fishies died! That's horrible. I agree you should just get her some when she gets back.

My kids start school on the 21st, the same day I go back to work. I have a doctor's appointment today and it seems my vacation has flew by.

Good luck on your trip!


Heather said...

tick tock, lol! days may go by slow but the years go by so fast.