Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Watch what you say

Today was not a very good day at all. Lil Ro developed a fever and Big Ro did not go to work from exhaustion and to help with our son. The baby slept all day but still it was stressful. Thank goodness for Motrin. I highly doubt I will let him run through mud puddles again for awhile. We watched Ghost Hunter's International. Great Great show. It helps me reafirm my belief in the supernatural.

Well I made a huge mistake today. My life is not perfect and I will not pretend it is to just make life seem perfect. Every relationship has their ups and downs and tonight was an all time low for us.

This evening I messed up and said something very inappropiate to Big Ro. It broke his heart and we had a huge argument. I think I will sleep on the couch tonight as I cannot stand it when he is angry with me. We both said some ugly things but I pray everything will work out. Sometimes I am learning think 3 times before you say something. You may hurt the one you love the most.
Here are some pics from Roana today. It was her third day but the only day I could really focus on her.

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Crystal said...

I am so sorry to hear that you and Big-Ro had some bads words to one another.

Roana looks like such the lovely school girl.


carrie said...

Girl, if we were anymore alike I would think we were sisters for real!!! She is beautiful, growing up into a lady sooooo fast!!

Heather said...

sometimes you have to say something that hurts to really make them listen. Hope the make up comes soon!