Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Having One Kid

I was so excited to have one child for the month but now I am regretting my decision. My lil man is acting worse every day because well honestly mom is not as entertaining as sisssy and is kinda boring. I take him to the same park every day and he is learning bad behaviors from the other children. Unfortunately today he had his first fight. This little boy hit him and he hit him back. I yelled at Lil Ro not to hit him and then told the little guy who hit him first don't hit him again.

Of course neither listened so we had to cut the day short. So we are still around just taking it easy. We are doing the same thing as always. I am counting the days until Roana comes home and my sister in law is counting the days until she loses her daughter. We miss you mama believe it or not we really miss our baby.

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Heather said...

We go to the same park everyday too, but its still better than being stuck inside all day.