Thursday, August 21, 2008

What goes down must go up?

This is a very common saying around these parts. Well at least what goes up must come down is but this version is more appropiate for me today. Yesterday was very very low for us. Big Ro and I went to bed very angry. We both said very hateful things to each other and we both regret it today. We really do love each other sometimes too much to the point to where we hold back all our bad feelings until all hell breaks loose. We started our day off wrong. No good byes no have a good days just angry glares and the urge to give each other the finger. I regret that now. I never ever let him leave without a kiss. I can only imagine if something would have happened to him today and that was the last thing I remembered about him. I will try to stick to my rule about never going to bed angry so we do not have to go through this again.

We emailed some bad emails back and forth. Both threatening to leave and who was taking the kids. I cried and he cried as we argued and it ended with me telling him he needed to work as that was what he was supposed to be doing. I was sitting at home and my emotions where stewing. I could not take it anymore so I grabbed the stroller and headed off to his job to tell him off. About half way I came to my senses. What if he was getting over it and I made him more angry? Instead I walked into the Family dollar and picked up some lysol.

When I came home and finished cleaning I checked my email. He told me " I love you babe". I knew it would be ok as long as we both were willing to bite our toungues. So today when he got home from work we had a discussion and after some healing time we are alright again. Lesson learned at least. Must bite my tongue sometimes and resist the urge to tease him to the point of breaking his heart. I can admit I was wrong. By the way. Meg you had nothing to do with it. Do not feel bad. We have these tiffs about once every 6-7 months and this time just happened when you were on the phone with me. Love ya girl Thanks for your sisterhood and companionship.

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Crystal said...

I am so sorry to hear that you and Big Ro had an argument. I know that both of you love each other enough to work threw this. I'm sure this will only make you stronger. You both have such beautiful childred and such a sweet, loving, nice life together. There shouldn't be any ill words when you both have so much. I know that sometimes it happens though. You both will do just fine. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Pocahontas said...

Glad that everything worked out!

Heather said...

glad to hear all is well again. and i would blame meg, i blame her for everything, lol! just kidding!