Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh my sorry I have been gone

Things are hectic right now as I prepare for this trip to get my baby. I am packing as we speak and going to clean the car this afternoon. Roana to my understanding has been sick the last 2 days. I think it is a combination of heat and stress. What can a 7 year old girl stress about? Well the poor baby lost her nintendo ds and I told her I would never buy her anything again if she did not find it. My mother in law put it away thank goodness but the damage is still done. We are leaving Saturday at 1 am. We should arrive there by 12 and then we have 2 hours to waste until check in time at the hotel. We are surprising my mother in law. We got her some magnets for her friends back home but we also got her a little surprise. We got her a digital picture frame and a 1 gig sd card. I put 495 pictures on that frame and I cannot wait for her to see it. The brand is disney pix. It was 29.99 so a great bargain.

Today I also got Roanas school clothes shopping done. I love second hand stores and I went to our local one. Unfortunately Roana has to wear uniforms. I got her 2 pairs of pant and 3 skirts. Then I got her 3 polos. I spent a whopping $20.00. Then I had to get her school supplies. I got it all. That cost me another $30. So all together I spent $50.00. I cannot wait to send my baby back to school looking beautiful.

Little Rogelito is doing fantastic. He misses sis like crazy. He picks up the phone and cries "Nana? Nana?" I think he missed her more then me and Big Ro put together. He is a terror but I think it is all part of being two and testing the limits. I hope I can post before I leave but if not I will blog when I get home. So sorry for neglecting this blog. I am going crazy with planning 3 things at once.

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Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited - you're going to get your baby! =) I hope she's feeling all better when you go to get her!

Anonymous said...

Also - awesome gift for your suegra!! That will be great for her! :)

And awesome bargain shopping on those school supplies!

Crystal said...

Hi !! You don't know me.. I found your blog through my sisters blog. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog, You are a fanastic wife & mother.

I'm so glad you are finally going to get your baby Roana back home. You must be so happy. I hope you have a safe trip!


Heather said...

Busy girl!