Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I met Roana's Teacher today

I was so excited to go and meet Roana's teacher. I walked into that classroom and was sweating bullets. Imagine my surprise when I see a familar face. It is her reading teacher from last year. She is very sweet and the lead second grade teacher. Horray! I do have a gripe about the whole open house experience however. They have an ice cream social that is supposed to be for the whole family. I do not care if I get ice cream or not but they were saying it is for students only. I did not bring my student she is in CA. Give hers to my son. After 10 minutes of tears he finally got an ice cream. Yeah I would not care if it was just him but I saw many other siblings walking around with theirs. Oh well.

3 more days until I pick up Roana I am so excited. I need my baby home. I hope all is well.

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Anonymous said...

Awww... Poor Lil Ro!! :( Especially since your daughter wasn't even there, they should have just given hers to him!!

That's great about her teacher being a familiar face!!! :)

3 more days... She's almost home!!!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Ugh... People is just so insensitive... They should give the ice cream to the mom so the mom could do with it whatever she wants, even if the 2nd grader was there... kwim?? What about if you dont want Roana to have ice cream... They dont know that.... Ugh!

Heather said...

Oh girl, i would have been all over that ice cream, lol! One for me, one for each kid, one for my husband who isnt here, one for my kid in the future... ice cream is ice cream, i dont care who it is for, lol!


Crystal said...

I'm glad Roana got a sweet & good teacher this year. That makes all the difference in the world.

That sucks about the open house. They should have given out ice creme to anyone who wanted some. I would have stood in line until my entire family got some. I would more then likely still be standing there. lol !!