Friday, August 29, 2008

I am so blessed

This day was a day very close to perfect I cannot say perfect because well it did thunderstorm. From the time we woke up we have been running and running. We went to the dollar store and purchased our balloons for the Caylee tribute. Roana broke my heart as she kept telling anyone who would listen about Caylee and her bad mommy. Shockingly people listened to her with tears in her eyes. My daughter the hero. I am teaching her empathy and she has shown that lesson very well. Before she would cling onto that balloon and say mama its mine but today she told the heavens. "Caylee this is for you please catch it. Do not worry I don't need it. I have my mommy. I wish she was yours because she would have taken care of you. Don't worry my grandma is there she will love you". I had tears in my eyes and I told Caylee my goodbyes. I told her I was sorry I could not protect her and I am determined to make her story known to all. I pray she is still alive but if not I know she is protected. My big Ro is even obsessed with this story. He was so excited for me because I guess when we released our ballons the "egg donor" was rearrested. He told me someone was listening and she will see her day in jail. We all know what they do to child abusers there.

After we went to the dollar store we went to Mcdonalds for lunch and petsmart to get the fish some food. While we were there Roana fell in love with a fish. It is a small Comet Goldfish. We named "her" Cana. A combination of Caylee and Roana. Just another tribute to that sweet child. As you can see right now my mind is on her nonstop. It is not healthy but I cannot rest until I know what is going on and where she is at. All across the nation this sweet baby touched my life. I hope she has too somewhat touched yours. I am so blessed to have a heart and have 2 wonderful children and I would give my life for theirs. I am going to go hug them tight right now. If you like please join me. To continue to remember Caylee. I am going to light a candle at 8:00 pm every night and say a pray until she is recovered and home. Either way. Enjoy our pics. Notice in the pics the weather was grey and cloudy very fitting for this tribute. I only had two balloons as Lil Ro decided to pop his. Guess its just reminder now to hold her close to our hearts.

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Adrians Mama said...

Love all the pics...Roana is sooo sweet!!!!!!!!!! Glad they had fun at Mcdonalds!jajup

Heather said...

great pixs and great tribute. Its amazing the rush of emotions before you release them. I will always remember releasing balloons for ethan! i know they are up there with sully too, playing together!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

That was very sweet and mature of Roana... She is a big girl now!!