Saturday, August 9, 2008

Today was ok

So now that we got that big fight out of our system things have settled down a bit. Ro worked for most of the day today and I actually did not call him once at work. Today it was rainy and cold for this time of year so we went over to our favorite taco shop. OMG let me tell you there is nothing more fulfilling then Menudo with warm tortillas and ice cold coke. It melted in my mouth and warmed my heart. Next we had to come home. We watched America's Most Wanted and our recording of Dog the Bounty hunter. It was a pleasant day. I did not get a chance to take Lil Ro to the park. But we did have a good time at home. We played with the dogs, we played with cars. We just bonded. It was a good day but sorry no pics.

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