Sunday, August 3, 2008

Today was a scorcher

We went to Garden Of the Gods today and tried to go hiking. We got halfway up the trail and Chiquita collapsed from the heat. Ro looked at me with lil Ro in the backpack and said Susan its too hot lets turn back. Reluctantly we turned bacjk. By now I was hot cranky and hungry not a good combination. We have not been eating too much fast food lately but we stopped at McDonalds and enjoyed the food. I drank 3 glasses of powerade and decided to come home. We got home and just relaxed. Watching the news they said the high temp of the day was 102. I could not believe it. Too hot for man or beast honestly. So it was a nice day but short. I hope it cools down some this weekend so we can enjoy our time off.

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Anonymous said...

102!!! WOW!!! I would have been dying trying to hike in that heat!! Wow...! :) Take care! Keep cool!!!

Lisa (LGMB) said...

Yep it's been hot here too. Yesterday it felt like 110 outside but I walked 2 miles anyway.

Keep cool, God knows my AC is working harder than ever :)


Heather said...

wow! great idea sorry it got cut short.