Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Inspiration

I am finally feeling a little better today thank goodness. I am upset about Caylee obviously. I still cannot comprehend how any mother could harm her child or not try to save her. I look at my children. Yes they make me angry sometimes but I could not harm them if I tried. I was a prospanking mama but I realized it does not work. Now I am disciplining by rewards and punishment. Roana now knows that grounded is not a good thing and Lil Ro knows that I will take it away. I have to admit I feel better knowing my babies are not physically being hurt. I digress however. On Monday it was my grandparents 36th wedding anniversary. My PawPaw and MawMaw have basically taken care of me since infancy. My first words where actually "Ganpa". To this day I am a grandpas girl. I am amazed at my grandparents. My pawpaw has been through countless operations and mawmaw is a breast cancer survivor. They are a perfect match. My grandpa tells me when she is sick that he would sell his home and live under a bridge to make my mawmaw well. Then my mawmaw also admits that she will cease to live the same way if he passes on. This marriage is both their second marriage but I can see that God has definately placed a hand largely in their life. They are my inspiration and can show me that love can conquer all. But you have to keep faith in your relationship and God. There cannot be any doubt and you must overlook the small stuff.

Ro & I are getting along much better right now. We have learned we both have little quirks and places you do not go. We both have hearts and we both are still in love. Life is too short to fight. You never know what will happen. I will follow my grandparents inspiration and realize noone is perfect and that is what makes us love them.

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Beckie said...

Nice picture I wonder who took it :) LOL