Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am so angry

Today it was found that the hair in Caseys car was indeed decomposing. The grandma is now out there searching and putting on a show. This beautiful little girl is missing possibly dead and if her mama does not talk we will never know what happened. Tomorrow we are having a balloon launch for Caylee Anthony. My two children and I will release 3 balloons for her life. I am choosing pink balloons. This launch will occur at 8:00 pm and you are more then welcome to join us wherever you are at that time. Lets show that this little girl is not be forgotten. If you are concerned for the enviroment light a candle. Which I may opt to do. Lets show this Casey that this child matters to us. She needs to tell what she knows.

I wrote this poem in honor of Caylee. I am still praying she is with us. But the evidence does not go in her favor.

Gone too Soon: A Poem For Caylee Anthony

You were just a face on the internet
I read your story that's how we met.
I prayed for you wished you were mine.
In my heart I thought all would be fine.
I heard the news that you are gone today.
My heart is broken in a different way.

Your innocence was taken away too soon.
I hoped you were hiding somewhere under the moon.
I prayed and cried and clung on like you were mine.
I know wherever you are, you are now just fine.
Sweet, sweet angel angel rejoice you are set free.
To find you justice, that is now part of me.

Sweet angel lay down your sweet head.
You have blessed us as we have said.
I never knew you but know I am here.
In our hearts you are always near.
Dance in heaven and play in the sky.
In our thoughts you are always close by.

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Crystal said...

Oh Susan that is the most beautiful poem. It made me shed a tear girl!

We will get some pink balloons and let them off for Caylee tomorrow too.


My3Ro's said...

I used to write poetry all the time Crystal now with kids its very hard. I know that child touched me more then anyone because I do not just write poems for just anyone. Hope you feel better soon.

Heather said...

wow thats an amazing poem! great job! I felt like Ethan was my own, so I know how you feel.