Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Honeymoon is Over!

Now that Roana is home and lil Ro has missed her the honeymoon is over. Yesterday was a great day of school Well the exception being she forgot her homework so mommy had to sprint back to make sure she did it to get credit. We went to our friends and Roana impressed me so much. She only ate half her food and then said mom Im full. I am done. Usually she scarfs it all down and asks for seconds. Of course little Ro is going through some kind of strange phase once again.

Whenever I drop Roana off at school or pick her up he must cry bloody murder. He does not even produce tears. What is sad is that one of Daddy's coworkers picks his daughter up from school and he teases Ro big time. He told him your son cried and I could hear him all across the school. Mommy is pulling her hair out. My son is out of control and I can do nothing about it because daddy insists on spoiling him

Today was low key. I made Lil Ro walk to school and back and that helped with energy but as soon as daddy comes home he is energized more then a pack of brand new batteries. I am going to demand more me time. A relaxed mommy makes a happy mommy and right now I am starting to feel a little cranky. We both had naps today but well they did not help that much. Mommy is going nuts. Right now I am not taking too many pictures as it rained and we have lots of puddles plus Roana is a cheese and I love natural looking photos not posed. So enjoy what I have today.

I am curious as to who will be named as running mates this year. I am a Barack supporter but watching McCains story today was impressive. I need to reevalate my views after running mates are revealed here in the next few days. To me the greatest job we have as americans is to elect our leaders in. This year I am making sure I make the best decision ever. There is no excuse this day and age to be uneducated when you go to the polls. Do not listen to media but find your own facts and make that decision. Another post for another day I suppose. Here are the pics I promised. They range from running in puddles to the fake tears.

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Carrie said...

I am glad that you are being informed about the elections this year, unfortunatley we dont agree on the same runner. I have many big reasons why I do not like either candidate but one outways the other. I do not feel it is EVER a mans decision what a women does with her body or her baby (key word there is BABY) and for him to make abortion legal or illegal is not right. A women should be allowed to make her own choices and although I personally wouldnt have one what gives him the right to decide that for every women in america. Anyways, Roana started school already? Isaac has 2 1/2 more long weeks before I get rid of him1!!

Crystal said...

Hi! Just wanted to drop by and see what's going on in your world. Ro-N looks adorable in the pictures,, *as always*

Mentioning canidates; I really wanted Hillary to win. I really like the Clintons. I am stuck on which is the best party now. I will take your advise and do some research on both and do what I think is right.

I hope you're having a fantastic day!!


Heather said...

Him walking is a great idea. Some poeple comment about how they never see my kids in strollers and thats why. I want them to walk and get tired.
I also am loving his england shirt, lol!

Laina said...

Thanks for writing this.